Citizens of Heaven Elder Care Ministry

A lay ministry program from Martin Luther Elder Care Ministries

The mission of this program is to thoroughly train and enable lay men and women to assist their pastors in ministering to elderly who may be either in care facilities or at home. The key component of this program is a new online training course offered by Martin Luther College. This course is entitled “Geriatric and Care Facility Ministry” - the 2018 registration will begin in May. It is a three credit course and designed to achieve six outcomes.
Those who take this course will:

This online course will be offered as both a single course available to lay persons, staff ministers, teachers and pastors and as an elective for those who are enrolled in the Chaplain Certification Program. The course will begin about the 1st of September and cover a 15week semester (September-December). It will require about five to seven hours a week. Since the course will be offered online and not taught “live” by the instructor, there will be flexibility in completing the weekly study and assignments.

Special Benefits for Michigan WELS/ELS Members

While this course will be offered nationally, Martin Luther Elder Care Ministries will provide three special benefits to members of Michigan congregations who register for the course:

Are You Interested?

Registration for the 2017 course is closed.  Registration for the 2018 course will begin in May 2018.

Any questions can be directed to us HERE or by calling 269-217-2032.