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The Pastor Elder Care Facility Ministry is available to both active and retired WELS (ELS) pastors. To be part of this program, a pastor will need to be able to hold weekly worship services at two different elder care facilities. Each pastor will be paid a monthly payment based on the number of services held during the month plus a mileage reimbursement for miles incurred going to and from the elder care facilities served.

Start-up is easy. MLECM will work closely with each pastor to identify elder care facilities in his area with the best potential for weekly worship services. MLECM will also gain the approvals needed to hold these services and identify a contact at each care facility for the pastor to work with.

Active pastors will be asked to gain written permission from their respective congregations to serve in this program. Either a copy of church council meeting minutes noting such approval or a letter will suffice. 

The growing network includes the following pastors [listed here].


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We are pleased to offer:

  • Citizens of Heaven Elder Care Devotions; 50 devotions written by Richard E. Laurersdorf

Please call the MLECM administrator at (269) 217.2032 to order.

Growing to Serve!

In June 2013, Martin Luther Elder Care Ministries (MLECM) began the implementation of a new Elder Care Ministry in the Benton Harbor/St. Joseph area.

The Lord has certainly blessed this program. Today, the Elder Care Ministry includes 34 pastors who together serve 74 different elder care facilities with weekly worship services. These elder care facilities are located across Lower Michigan and includes two in northwest Ohio. Total weekly attendance exceeds 1,000 people, many of whom are not WELS members. 

Online Course @ MLC is now closed.

Registration for the 2018 Geriatric and Care Facility Ministry course is now closed.

Registration for the 2019 course will reopen in May 2019.

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