Do you need to either be an active or retired WELS or ELS pastor?



Is there compensation?

Yes. A monthly fee based on the number services held plus a mileage reimbursement is provided.


How do I find elder care facilities in which to hold weekly worship services?

MLECM works closely with each pastor to identify elder care facilities and gain approvals needed to hold weekly worship services.



Where are worship services held?

Worship services are held on site at the elder care facility.
Service arrangements are worked out between the care facility activity director and the pastor.


Is communion served?

No, not as part of the worship service. Most people attending weekly worship services will not be WELS or ELS members.
Of course each pastor can make arrangements to serve communion privately with specific individuals.


Are offerings taken?

No offerings are to be collected.


What is the typical worship schedule?

The typical worship service is held during the week on a day and time that is best for both the elder care facility and the pastor.


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